Spring is upon us!

The DTCA will host a Spring scavenger hunt downtown on April 8 from 10am until 12pm. Kids will be provided a card full of fun items to find around participating businesses downtown. Once the item is found in the store, make sure to check in and get a sticker from that business.

Once completed, kids can turn the card in at the front of Horizon Books for a chance to win the “Downtown Easter Basket” with Downtown TC business goodies! Following the hunt, Mr. Mayor will lead story time at Horizon Books from 12pm until 1pm. 


-Pick up your scavenger hunt card at any of the following businesses on April 8 at 10am:

Toy Harbor | 221 E Front

Glitz & Spurs | 207 E Front

Lilies of the Alley | 227 E State

Roth Shirt Co. | 155 E Front

Lakes and Grapes | 326 E Front

Brilliant Books | 118 E Front

Cherry Republic | 154 E Front

M22 | 125 E Front

Fustini’s | 141 E Front

Sweet Pea | 205 E Front

l.a. cool. | 120 E Front

Fustini’s | 141 E Front

Rocket Fizz | 111-B E Front

Plamondon Shoes | 144 E Front

My Secret Stash | 122 Cass St

Planty AF | 124 S Union

-This event is FREE

-Make sure to put your name on the card and turn it in at Horizon Books at the end of your search

-You can start at any location

-No age limit!