Have a question? We have tried our best to address frequently addressed questions. Perhaps your answer is below! If not, feel free to shoot an email our way at info@downtowntc.com or give us a call at (231) 922-2050.

What are the hours of Downtown?

The Downtown stores are independent and hours vary.

Where are public restrooms located?

There are a number or public restrooms throughout downtown. For a full list of the participating businesses in our Public Restroom Program Visit the page below.

Where do I pay my parking ticket?

Parking appeals and violations go through downtown parking.

Where do I park in Downtown Traverse City?

Downtown parking is planned for customers and employees. Interactive maps are the best tool for seeking your needs for parking.

Where can I buy Downtown Gift Certificates?

Downtown Gift Certificates are available at a number of outlets! You can find them at:

The DDA/DTCA Office: 303 E. State St. Ste. C

Traverse City Parking Services: 303 E. State St. 

When is the Downtown Street Sale? 

Since 1958, Downtown Traverse City has hosted its annual Street Sale on the first Friday of August.

When is the Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market?

You can enjoy fresh, local goods each Saturday starting in May from 7:30am-noon. Wednesday markets start in June and run from 8:00-noon. The market runs through the end of October.